Black ops

Kino Der toten

Okay, I continued playing on Kino der Toten yesterday. When we spawned out, my friends were tea-bagging each-other. We made it to Round 4. The next game, however, we found this strategy. Here's what you need:

-M1911 Colt .45
-AK-74u(Obtained later)
-At least 7000 Points

When you spawn out, make sure you guard the main entrance with the zombies coming from outside. KNIFE the zombies for the first 4 rounds. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING. Then, buy the door on the left on the first floor, and stay there for 1 or 2 rounds. Then, if you have enough money, buy the door to the outside alley. If you don't have enough points, stay there and earn it. In the Alley, guard every window and fence for 2 to 3 rounds. Then buy the AK-74u. Once bought, look on the map monitor and find the Mystery Box. Plan a strategy to get there safely and effectively. After you plan it out, put it aside and buy the door to the next room.

Stay in the next room for 3 or 4 rounds and buy the Mystery Box if it's there. Buy until you're satisfied, or until you get the Teddy Bear. After many, many rounds, find your way to the main theater. DO NOT TURN ON THE POWER! Stay there for 5 to 6 rounds. Once you get 6500 Points, Activate the Pack-A-Punch Machine and Pack-A-Punch your current weapons. Now, it is time to execute your plan  to reach the Mystery Box. Fight your way through the rounds and find the Box, which isn't very hard. Once found, buy satisfiable weapons and have money to Pack-A-Punch. After this, create your own tactic and survive as long as possible. Good luck!

Zombie Verruckt (Zombie Asylum)
Nacht der Untoten



Assault Rifles

Submachine Guns

Light-Machine Guns

Sniper Rifles



Strela 3
China Lake
Grim Reaper




Camera Spike
Compact 4 (C4)
Tactial Insertion
Radar Jammer
Claymore (Trip-Mine)


Willy Pete (Smoke Grenade)
Concussion x2
Flashbang x2
Tomahawk (Battle Axe)

Dusty: Flat, tan finish
Ice: Flat, white finish
Red: Flat, red finish
Olive: Flat, Olive finish
Nevada: Similar to Desert, but less mottled
Sahara: Nevada camoflage with Fall Camo texture
EDRL: Camo consisting of Green, Gray and light and Dark Browns
Tiger: Textures of a Tiger, with bold Orange and Black colors
Berlin: Mix of White, Red, and Brown Camoflage
Warsaw: Similar to Berlin, but using Green/Turquoise colors instead of Red
Siberia: White with almost sparkly, good contrasting blue square-like shapes
Yukon: Arctic mix of White, Gray, and Black
Woodland: Different Greens and Browns, like a forest
Flora: Flora is another word for plants. These colors are bold, bright, and and colorful
GOLD: Metallic Gold finish, very "shiny" (Unlocked at Prestige 14)

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