Monday, January 31, 2011

'FIVE' Strategy Guide By Mr. B

Part 1/5 (Rounds 1-6)
This is a strategy guide to everything you need to know to get to the higher rounds in what people say i the hardest map in the Nazi Zombies series so far. It is a map that is only for Treyarch's Call of Duty: Black Ops and is the first map to feature a new wonder gun called the Winter's Howl. The map is called 'FIVE'.
I will tell you, this is a hard, hard map. It has new features like playing as characters that actually existing in those times like John F. Kennedy( 35th president of the United States) , Fidel Castro (Cuban Prime Minister), Robert McNamara (Secretary of Defense at the time) and Richard Nixon (Republican running against John F. Kennedy for presidency). NOTE: These characters are not related to the Nazi Zombie story line. 'FIVE' is the last map that you unlock after you beat the campaign, although if you have the secret code, you can unlock all of the campaign levels and all the zombies maps without playing anything. When at the main menu, press L2 and R2, or the Left and Right Triggers for Xbox. You will stand up and leave the chair. Now, your are able to move Mason freely. Walk out of the interrogation corner, and turn around. You will see a little beige computer. Go to it and press X/Sqaure. A screen will pop up and on the top right will be a keyboard. Use that keyboard to type the codes. Type in the code which is 3ARC UNLOCK, all letters must be caps. After you type in the code, press enter on the keyboard and right under your code and it should say cheat enabled. Now get out of the chair by pressing X/Square and press X/Square to get back on the chair and to the main menu.

Okay! Enough talking about the codes and stuff, now it is time for the real strategy guide for 'FIVE'. When you start out on the map you are in the main conference room, you will see doors on each corner of the room with glass windows. Immediately go run to the windows and knife them. After you knife the windows you should rebuild all of the barriers. You are not only in the main conference room but also there is another room which is also connected to the room you first started in and there aren't any windows to knock down or anything, but be cautious. Not all the time but most of the time if you play with 3 to 4 people, the connected room is just this huge wall but if you wait a while some zombies will break open the walls like the second room in Nacht Der Untoten. Anyways, always keep an eye out for that room. So keep killing some more zombies and tell your friends even if ONE zombies gets out. PLEASE do not go all Rambo and think your so cool by knifing a zombie at round 4 or higher...just shoot the thing.

Okay, so the strategy is to camp in the spawning room for the first 4 rounds, then buy the door to left when you spawn, (actually there are 2 doors but they unlock the same area). After you unlock the next room which is a big hallway you can do 2 things. Buy the MPL right on the wall when you open the door or save up money to buy the elevator door which costs around a 1000 points. I would by the MPL if I were you because it is the best gun on the top floor, and has an excellent rate of fire. Also a tip while using the MPL, burst fire, don't go all spay and stuff like that. I have seen many people do that, waste a whole clip on one zombie. PEOPLE this is round 5, you can kill zombie in about 3-5 hits. The MPL has a clip size of 24 and has an extra 120 bullets. So buy the MPL quickly and run to the end of the hallway by the elevator and you will see2 windows on both sides. Knife the windows like normal and have one person guard the windows while everyone else guard the other windows and barricades that the zombies have been destroying through the walls. You can stay in this room for about 5-6 rounds your choice, but NO more than 7 rounds or things might get hairy. By this time everyone should have at least more than 2000 points, if you don't, you pretty much waste your ammo and buy news guns which nobody likes. Okay so we are almost done with the first part. After round 6, the person with the lowest amount of money should buy the elevator door, everyone get inside and get ready for the second floor, coming on part 2 of my 'FIVE' strategy guide. Thanks for reading, please comment!


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