Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Black Ops DLC "Escalation" Zombie Map

At last, a new and even more improved edition of Black Ops! Y'know, at first, it didn't sound that inspiring, but then I researched it. Like "First Strike", it will include 4 Multiplayer maps: Stockpile, Zoo, Hotel, and Convoy. But the most interesting part was the new Zombie map: Call of the Dead. Now, before I continue, learn more info at The new horror movie like map includes features like 4 new characters, an all new wonder-weapon, a new sniper rifle, and a long-awaited "boss zombie": George A. Romero.

"Wait, who is George A. Romero?"

It's a good thing you asked, because this would've been a whole lot more confusing. For horror fans, George Romero is a renowned film director for movies such as "Dawn of the Dead", "Night of the Living Dead", and "Zombieland". I know it sounds weird, but he designed the map and characters and idea himself.

"So, who are these new characters?"

This is one of the craziest parts. All four players are actors from horror and/or action movies. Featuring Danny Trejo, the Latino-American from the action movie "Machete", Michael Rooker from "The Walking Dead", Robert Englund, or as you might know him, 'Freddie', from "Nightmare on Elm Street", and Sarah Michelle Gellar, also known as 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

"What about the map. Is it big? Fancy?"

This new map is definitely some crazy stuff. Designed by Romero to feature a movie-like storyboard, it takes players, along with the celebrities, deep into the heart of Siberia, where the four survivors began to look for the fabled Ununpentium, the 115th element on the table (right after Ununquadrium). Their ship crashes, and ravenous zombies board the ship.

"So, the map is a ship?"

Yes and no. Not only is it a ship, but one can zipline off onto the main shore, or run to the nearby lighthouse.

"I heard you say a "new Wonder Weapon" What is it?"

After extensive research, we found a bunch about it. First off, it has a serial code of V-811, which is rumored to be the actual name. Secondly, it has the nickname of the "Death Ray".  We're not sure why [as a blogging community] it is called so, for it comes with a 'peculiar' effect. When we researched it, we found out what it does: it fires a burst of orange energy, turning any zombie back into a human. Did you catch that? Yeah, we said it. A human. It has not been clarified if they help you or just run away, but we here at NZA found it very amuzing. Also, the weapon, as stated in the introduction, resembles the weapon featured in the hit game series, "Portal" and "Portal 2". 
"And what about George? The zombie boss? How will that happen?"

Good question. George randomly appears throughout the game, not on his own round (reserved?). Instead, he randomly generates throughout miscellaneous rounds, wielding a spotlight, much seen in the movie business. He will swing it at you. At an interview with a Treyarch Director, he said "players can choose to attack head on, or wait for him. There is definitely more than one way to kill him." Another cool thing is that a strange phenomena happens near George. It hasn't been clarified, but he acts as a teleporter to move players about the Arctic Hell.

So get ready, Xbox players, 'cause "Escalation" hits the LIVE Marketplace May 3rd, 2011! For a mere 1200 Microsoft pnts., one can wield a fist of iron in a frozen Hell. Playstation and PC people: Sorry guys, it doesn't come out until early June. I mean EARLY, although there is no specific date. It is only $15.00 USD. Have fun and good luck!

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