Monday, May 23, 2011

More Kino Der Toten Strategies/Easter Eggs/ Glitches

"Author's note: Yes other Strategies have been posted but these are my strategies that I would do"

Publisher's note: This was not written by C.M.

Early Rounds
so on the first few rounds what you want to do is just knife the zombies. Round 1 is an insta-kill meaning just one knife on round one will kill them. What you want to do is keep knifing the zombies because you'll get 10 points per knife then you'll get 130 points when you finally kill them. What you want to do is stay in the spawning room until round 5 Maximum "STAYING IN THE SPAWN ROOM PASS ROUND FIVE IS SUICIDE! DON'T BE A STUPID PERSON GET OUT OF THERE SO NOTHING BAD HAPPENS TO YOU!". Many players will buy off the wall weapons for extra protection. This is okay but eventually those guns will lose their strength. Now it is time to buy some doors. If your playing solo wait until you have 3,000 points then go upstairs and camp in the speed cola room. Many players prefer this because of the MP40 and the zombies will form up in a line when they're coming at you. For Hellhounds just camp by the door that will lead into the dressing room. When all the hellhounds have been dealt with reload all your guns and then get the max ammo, do not pull off a stupid move by getting it early(Unless the last hellhound is attacking you and you accidentally get the max ammo then it's okay).

Onto the stage/ Mystery Box
Many people have two priorities and that's get to the theater/stage and find the mystery box. Many people will usually decide on what way to take to the theater whether its upstairs or downstairs. Many players prefer Upstairs considering its a much safer path but if you want a lot of points then I recommend going downstairs because so many zombies will show up. But if you want to play it safe then go Upstairs. For the mystery box what many people like to do is pick a way to get to the theater and hope to run into it along the way. But that's usually not the case for many players will get angry when they see that the mystery box is on the other side of the map.

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