Monday, January 17, 2011

It's a Mystery to me

Since this is mainly a Zombies blog, I guess it'd be okay to talk about the "Mystery Box". While I don't like the Zombies mode all that much, I've come across this thing called the Mystery Box. I'm guessing other people knew about this before me, especially people I know. I just started playing on Theatre of the Dead yesterday. I only survived to Round 9 for two reasons:

1. Our teammates kept doing inappropriate things to our avatars
2. Co-operation was the last thing on my mind

After Round 4 or 5, I walked into some room with a big wooden crate in the middle. Also, there were some white glowing question marks on them; which is probably "normal". My friend described it as a box that gives you crazy awesome weapons sometimes, until you "Pack-a-Punch", whatever that means. So I got the AUG with a Swarovski Scope (see But then I found out you can use the box until you're out of money. So I bought it again and got a Spas-12 gauge shotgun. But then, some Russian drunkard used it like 3 times, and on the fourth time, a teddy bear floated out of the chest (normal?). Then, the Mystery Box didn't work anymore. After using the Spas for a bit, we ran into a bunch of Zombies that some Japanese dude let in. After that, it was just run, shoot. Run, shoot. Eventually, I got stressed out. When I'm under stress in games, I play poorly. When I play poorly, I don't care about anybody else in the match. So I started knifing the zombies until I became "downed", ending the match. Sorry if this post was a waste of your time, I just had to see if anybody had tips or pointers to give. Or strategies. Those work too.

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