Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kino der Toten Strategy 1st few Rnds.

Walkthrough as told by "Apple" on the Black Ops Forum:

Well, you are strarting Black Ops and you will reach an as-high-as-possible round. I've seen a lot of people running around like headless chickens which have some firework in they're 'hole'. Don't run around and kill some monsters, be sure you'll carefully move around. As a result, you will reach higher rounds.
You've got 2 kinds

-The all-too-common Zombie
- Those pesky Hellhounds
Let's start with the very first rounds.

Opening Doors during the Rounds
To start with, DO NOT buy an Olympia or a M14. Many 'noobies' buy them just because they think it's better like in the Multiplayer mode. The pistol will give you a higher score. Stay 4 rounds in the first room and then move to the next room. Round 5,6 or 7 will be Dog Rounds, this changes every time.
After opening the next door, I would recommend you to open the next door as well. After that, buy the MP40. This is one of the most useful weapons you can find on the walls. Open the doors whenever you want it, but make sure you have every door opened till you are in the room where you are 'behind the scènes.' Put the electricity on. Round 9, 10 or 11 will be the next Dog Round. I wanted you to open those rooms The dogs will be spawned A LOT in the cinema, so activate the Automatic Sentry Gun. This will kill the most of the Zombies, so you don't have to watch them all. When you put on the electricity, you will be able to see where the Random Weapon Box is. Keep searching for an useful weapon, like the Crossbow (Need to Upgrade it), the Ray Gun, Or the Thunder Gun. When you linked the Teleport in the first room, you will be able to teleport all the way up, so you'll be safe for a while. When you have 5000 points, you will be able to upgrade a weapon. When you upgrade a weapon, it will be more powerful. This is needed when you reach level 15+. When you upgrade the Crossbow, every Zombie will walk to it, just like a monkey bomb. Keep running around the rooms and WATCH OUT FOR THOSE LITTLE CRAWLING CREATURES, they're really annoying.

HellHound Rounds
Dog Rounds are pretty annoying and sometimes really difficult. The secret of surviving these rounds is TEAMWORK. Just make sure you are in a corner of a room with your whole team. Solo, you will not survive unless you are experienced. Activate the Sentry Gun which I told you before.

Finally, keep searching for better weapons in the Random Weapon Boxes, because there will be a moment you run out of ammo so your random weapon will be useless.

Hope I Helped!


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